Animator:  June 2012 - Present.  Vicarious Visions/Activision-Blizzard (Albany, NY).
Game animations and in-game cutscene animations for a high profile, AAA title in progress.
Senior/Lead Animator: 2001 - 2012.  Idol Minds (Louisville, CO). (Briefly at Midway, 2006)
LEAD:  2009 - 2012; Lead one to four animators and responsible for character animations on Pain, Warrior’s Lair (Diablo-style game for Sony) and several prototypes (PS3/PSN).
SENIOR:  2001 – 2009; Character animations for Neopets, My Street (PS2), Pain (PS3), and several prototypes.
Senior Animator:  March 2006 - Oct. 2006.  Midway (Seattle, WA).
Worked with motion-capture and keyframe animations on realistic human characters.
Senior Animator:  Nov. 2000 - May 2001.  Turbine Games (Boston, MA).
Animated various characters and creatures for Asheron's Call 2; Fallen Kings.
Animator:  Jan. 1998 - Oct. 2000. Visual Concepts (San Rafael, CA).
Character rigging and animation for Floigan Brothers., a comical adventure game for the Sega Dreamcast.
Artist/Animator:  Oct. 1993 – Dec. 1998.  Learningways. (Cambridge, MA).
Created a large variety of digital 2D artwork and animations for educational titles.
Contract Animation:  April 2002.  Sony Entertainment.
Kratos run cycle (God of War).

Published Titles

Video Games: Pain (Sony), God Of War (Sony), Neopets; the Darkest Faerie (Sony), My Street (Sony), Asheron’s Call 2…(Microsoft), Floigan Brothers (Sega).

Educational Titles: Discovery Works, Geo-Trek, Astroword, English as a Second Language, Juntos Interactivo, Geometry Blaster, Reading Blaster Jr., Science Blaster, Fisher Price Barnyard.